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Accessories in Cambridge, ON

Need car and truck accessories? Cambridge is your destination. At The Tire Depot, we have a wide selection of aftermarket accessories for your tires, wheels, lights,a nd more. From wheel locks and TPMS sensors to custom lighting solutions, you'll find all the little and big auto parts you need to enjoy your vehicle.

Make us your local auto accessory shop today. Our car and truck accessories let you take full advantage of your current or new rims as you drive throughout Cambridge, ON, Kitchener, ON, Waterloo, ON, and the surrounding areas.

Wheel Accessories for Sale

Scroll down to see the different rim and tire accessories we have for sale, then stop in to make your purchase.


Your truck or car is great, but wouldn't you like it to be even better? If you're looking for ways to update your vehicle's aesthetic or performance capabilities, it's time to try the great inventory we have available here at The Tire Depot. We supply quality products from brands you can trust, sure to enhance your vehicle in the most reliable and satisfactory ways. Stop in today and check out our amazing products for yourself!

Wheel Spacers

Wheel Spacers push wider rims and tires out for stability and to add clearance to the front end. They aid in appearance, clearance, correction, and handling.

We have a wide selection of wheel spacers for sale at competitive prices, and our professionals can help you with installation. Our inventory includes 10mm spacers.

Nuts & Bolts

Customize your rims on every level. Your new wheels won't be ready to rock Cambridge, let alone the world, without a set of the coolest nuts and bolts around. Lug nuts secure wheels to your car or truck while bolts protect your custom wheels from theft.

Our selection of lug nuts and bolts come in striking colors, so you can find the best complement to your custom wheels. We have:

  • Red Lug Nuts
  • Blue Lug Nuts
  • Purple Lug Nuts
  • Gold Lug Nuts
  • And more

We also sell McGard wheel locks in black and chrome. Make your custom wheels the envy of everyone, then prevent that envy from taking action.

TPMS Sensors

Our Cambridge car and truck accessory shop wouldn't be complete without a section for the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). The TPMS keeps tabs on tire pressure levels. If you're low on inflation, it's designed to alert you with a dashboard warning light. Keeping your tires properly inflated contributes to your safety and longer lasting tires.

If one or more of your TPMS sensors stops working, come to The Tire Depot for a replacement TPMS sensor. We'll properly install them for you, and get you back on the road with a working TPMS system.

Read more about TPMS repair.

Hub Rings

Indispensable on every new set of rims. Assure a much better balanced tire/wheel assembly with hub centric rings. Without a hub ring, it might feel like you're driving on square wheels. With your hub centric ring, your smooth ride continues.

Tire & Wheel Care

Make your wheels and tires shine. We sell:

  • emzone Foaming Tire Shine: Shines and protects your tires in one easy step. No wiping, no rubbing, no mess! Just spray and walk away. This special formula lifts and dissolves dirt, leaving your tires with a high gloss finish. emzone Foaming Tire Shine can be applied effectively to wet tires and other rubber surfaces such as bumpers, mud flaps and trim. Will not harm paint or aluminum.
  • emzone Ultimate Shine: Beautifies, renews and protects surfaces providing a rich, gloss shine on vinyl, leather, rubber and plastic. Use to shine and protect tires, dashboards, air vents, doors and truck seats. The UV anti-static formula repels dust and protects against UV rays. Ultimate Shine delivers professional detailing results - simply and easily. Ideal for cars, boats, and trucks.
  • emzone Rim Cleaner: Aggressively cleans and dissolves brake dust, road grime, grease and dirt to leave your rims with a brilliant shine.
  • emzone Rim Protector: Forms an invisible protective barrier that repels brake dust, road grime, grease and dirt. The protective barrier prevents brake dust and grime from sticking to the surface keeping rims clean longer and making cleaning easier. One application lasts up to 4 weeks.
  • Lug Hole Cleaning Brush: Reach the hard to clean lug holes on your vehicle with ease.

Every tire and wheel you buy is an investment. Get the most value out of your tire-wheel assemblies by keeping them clean and protected.

Valve Caps

Give your wheels a touch of class with any of our valve caps. Show off the emblem of your ride's maker, or show your support for the things you love. Our selection includes:

  • Playboy Valve Caps
  • Nisan Valve Caps
  • Chevy Valve Caps
  • Mitsubishi Valve Caps
  • Mazda Valve Caps
  • And more

Put the finishing touch on your new rims.

For more information about any of our tire and wheel accessories, contact us by phone, in person, or online.


Our selection of automotive lighting products includes:

Auto Headlights in Cambridge, ON

  • Aftermarket Headlights
  • Fog Lights
  • Headlamps
  • Headlight & Tail Light Assemblies
  • Interior Lights
  • LED Lights
  • And more!

Finding the Best Automotive Lighting Option for You

  • First, our sales staff will want to know whether you drive a passenger car, cross-over vehicle, SUV, or compact car.
  • Second, we’ll want to know whether you drive mostly in the day or at night.
  • Third, we’ll want to know whether you drive in the country or in the city.
  • Miles traveled per year is another factor our service staff will consider when fitting you with the right automotive lighting option for you.

If you have any questions on our car and truck accessories, speak with a member of our team today.

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